Engineered Hardwoods



Engineered wood gives the best of both worlds. It gives you the same look as the solid flooring and uses less raw material, making it a more eco-friendly product. One other benefit is that the engineered wood flooring tends to be more stable than the solid wood because of the cross-hatched ply wood core.


Wood flooring is a natural product and will have variation. Some wood flooring will have more variation than others depending on the species. Color and grain variation is not considered a defect!

Engineered wood flooring is categorized by its construction. Engineered wood floors are broken down into two components: the “core layer” and the “face layer”. The core layer consists of multiple layers of high quality ply wood. The ply wood layers of the core are constructed in a cross-hatched configuration. This cross-hatched construction makes the wood much more stable and gives it the ability to expand and contract during humidity changes. The face layer is often referred to as the wear layer, which is actually the solid species of wood adhered to the core layer. The thicker wear layer allows the the floor to be sanded and refinished more times and will add to the overall life of your floor.



Can be installed over concrete or wood sub-floor

Application Method: Glue Down, Floating or Staple

Must have level sub-floor and leave expansion gaps around the walls for expansion

 Amazon Wood Floors Supplies The Some Of Finest And Most Dense Exotic And European Hardwood Species In The Industry. Their Wood Floors Are Manufactured With The Greatest Care And Backed By A Warranty That Assures A Lifetime Of Satisfaction. By Combining Meticulous Craftsmanship And Premium Selected Woods, Amazon Wood Floors Offers You An Incredible Array Of Stylish Options For Your Home. From Modern Exotic Floors To Rustic Wire Brushed Floors, From Rich Elegant Tones To Gentle Natural Hues, From Vintage Hand Scraped Distressed To Classic Smooth, There’s An Amazon Wood Floor To Fit Any Look .


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 Modani Brochure



European Oak Quercus/Capocci

European Oak Quercus/Mirandola

European Oak Quercus/Palarmo

European Oak Quercus/Valenza

European Oak Quercus/Bastia




 European Oak Quercus/Seville

 European Oak Quercus/Murcia

 European Oak Quercus/Villena

   European Oak Quercus/Malaga

  European Oak Quercus/Marbella   



Vila Do Conde Brochure


Brazilian Cherry Jatoba/Natura

  African Mahogany Sapele/Pimenta Preta

 African Mahogany Sapele/Natural

African Mahogany Sapele/Caramelo

African Mahogany Sapele/Ebano

  African Mahogany Sapele/Rio Espresso

 African Mahogany Sapele/Cinza

 African Mahogany Sapele/Branco

 African Mahogany Sapele/Mahom





                                                              Betula Series



European Oak Quercus/Villa Ada

European Oak Quercus/Via Casilina

European Oak Quercus/Villa Paganini

European Oak Quercus/Via Novara

European Oak Quercus/Via Panama

European Oak Quercus/Villa Borghese







Engineered Hardwoods

Hallmark Floors

Hallmark’s Superior Craftsmanship And Quality Has Made Them One Of The Fastest Growing Flooring Manufacturers In United States Today. They Harvest Materials In Harmony With Nature, In A Sustainable And Responsible Way. Great Care Is Exercised In Manufacturing To Ensure A Healthful Living Environment.
Their Collections Combine The Ageless Beauty And Craft Of Hardwood Flooring With State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing. Hallmark Has A Variety Of Beautiful And Innovative Top Quality Hardwood Flooring Collections To Choose From. They Produce Floors Of Unsurpassed Quality You Will Be Delighted To Call Your Own.“Beautiful, Durable, Sustainable…Hallmark.”
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Engineered Hardwoods


IndoTeak manufactures flooring, paneling, and furniture made from 100% reclaimed teak — the most beautiful, durable, authentic, and responsible hardwood material on the market. From warm honey blondes to dark rich chocolates -- Indonesian teak is renowned for its elegance and stunning color variations. Teak contains high levels of resinous oils making it water-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Unlike many wood materials, IndoTeak’s century-dried engineered flooring and paneling will not warp, shrink or swell. The dense grain of their teak ensures preserved integrity over time. All of their products are composed entirely of the highest quality Indonesian FSC-certified recycled teak... even the bottom layers of the engineered flooring and paneling.

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Engineered Hardwoods

Elegance Wood Flooring

 All Elegance Wood Flooring is manufactured from premium materials and utilizes the highest quality raw lumber. Their products include solid and engineered woods with smooth and hand scraped finishes, all at reasonable prices. The variety and uniqueness of Elegance Wood Flooring’s exotic collections invite you to create a living space that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.

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Engineered Hardwoods

Higuera Hardwoods

Higuera Hardwoods is a leading manufacturer of quality FSC approved grade-A bamboo products that include strand woven, solid, click system strand and engineered bamboo flooring in prefinished and unfinished. They also have a complete selection of bamboo mouldings/trim accessories, and bamboo stair parts. Higuera Hardwoods consistently goes to great lengths to ensure that their bamboo products are far superior to others on the market by sourcing the best raw materials, kiln drying, utilizing the proven adhesive technology and ensuring all milling is completed on German machinery. Higuera uses Moso bamboo which is grown in the highlands of China, making it stronger and more water resistant than other bamboo products. In addition to Higuera Hardwoods high quality, their products are eco-friendly.

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Engineered Hardwoods

Viridian Reclaimed Wood

 Viridian uses only 100% reclaimed and FSC certified wood, and everything is manufactured with pride in the USA. Viridian is committed to finding the best use for each and every piece of wood they salvage. Their reclaimed wood flooring, prefinished engineered flooring, and paneling  come from a variety of sources throughout the West, including abandoned buildings, shipyards, old docks, and wine casks. Their craftsmen work to bring out the rich grain and unique characteristics of every piece of reclaimed lumber, giving new life to discarded wood. From Siberian Spruce paneling to rustic Jakarta Market Blend flooring, their wide selection of products can match any style or budget. 

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