• Paradise Flooring is the only distributor in Hawaii to carry Inovar Laminate.

  • Inovar is the MOST Water-Resistant laminate on the market today.

  • Inovar is designed to withstand humid, tropical environments much like the Hawaiian Islands.

  • Inovar is the only laminate flooring product that uses a High Density Fiberboard [HDF] core composed of tropical hardwood fibers. Other laminates use an HDF core made of soft wood fibers such as Pine, which can absorb up to 28% of moisture. Inovar laminates will absorb less than 10% of moisture, making them the MOST Water-Resistant Laminate.

  • Inovar is manufactured with an Aluminum Oxide coating. This highly anti-abrasive protective overlay protects the flooring against scuffs, scratches and wear. Aluminum Oxide is the 4th hardest material known to man!

  • All joints of the locking system are waxed to prevent any excess noise caused by expansion and contraction. This also helps to ensure that the boards are resistant to water.

  • Inovar is resistant to ultraviolet rays, making it suitable for areas exposed to sunlight.

  • Laminate flooring is generally preferred over carpet for a healthier living environment. It is hygienic and easy to clean, and does not breed dust-mites and other harmful microorganisms that can cause allergies.

  • Inovar is stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than other brands due to its hardwood fiber core.




• Dimensions: Thickness: 8.3mm X Width: 7.5” X Length: 4.2’
• Valinge Interlocking System Which Does Not Require Any Glue.
• The Laminate Comes In A Square Edge, Meaning That The Floor Lays Flat Without Any Grooves.
• This Product Is AC4 Rated, So It Is Suitable For Heavy Residential And Light Commercial Use.

Honey Maple


Safari Walnut

Monument Oak

Taroko Oak

12mm Laminate

  • Dimensions: Thickness: 12mm x Width: 5.4” x Length: 3.94’
  • This style of laminate sounds more like a real solid wood floor when walking on it due to its thicker core.
  • This laminate comes in a formed (beveled) edge with an embossed top layer which resembles the look and feel of a solid wood floor.
  • This product is AC5 rated, which is the highest durability rating. This makes it suitable for commercial projects.
  • The factory recommends gluing the joints for added stability.

Canyon Acacia 12mm

Sumatran Teak 12mm

Barnwood Oak 12mm

Glenn Doussie 12mm

Hawaiian Koa 12mm

Vine Maple 12mm

Johan Maple 12mm