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Inovar Floor is made of raw materials from renewable resources. The hardwood fibers used in the core come from hardwood forests which are under strict forest management control or what we call ‘plantation’ forests. This eliminates the need to extract wood from natural forests, thus making Inovar Floor a natural product that is also environmentally friendly. The design layer is reproduced from real timber using sophisticated technology. Wood decors are reproduced from original timber, to give you that true-to-life wood look and feel without having to exploit our natural forests.

Inovar Floor’s completely sealed surface does not allow the breeding of dust mites or micro-organisms, unlike other floor covering material such as carpet. This creates a healthier environment for our little ones. All these superb qualities make Inovar Floor the best options available today when it comes to selecting a floor covering material, whether it is for your home sweet home or for your business premise or office. In addition, Inovar Floor has also been recognized by the Singapore Environment Council as a Green Product or Eco-Friendly Product that meets stringent environmental regulations, proving that a good quality product can also be environmental friendly at the same time.

The Inovar Group is committed to protect the environment at all locations where our manufacturing, logistics and administration activities are performed. As an environmentally-conscious business, Inovar Group is committed to the following corporate environment, safety and health policy :

  • Fulfill the responsibility of trustee of environment for this and future generations
    • Comply with all current applicable legal and other requirements
    • Strive to minimize releases to air, water and land
    • As appropriate, take corrective action where past practices have harmed the environment
    • Strive for continual improvement of the environment management system
    • Prevent pollution through reuse, recycle and reduction

In line with the company’s environmental policies and good practices, Inovar Floor has also been certified to be ISO14001:2004 compliant since 25 October 2012. .

While the world is still pondering how to solve the greenhouse effect and global warming, Inovar has taken upon itself to do it’s bit.

Every piece of Inovar Floor is produced using materials that are renewable, non toxic & harmless to the environment and health. Our High Density Fiberboard which is the core material, is produced using tropical hardwood timber sourced from plantation forest in Sarawak with FSC certification.
The decor layer is printed with organic ink under strict environmental control by German manufacturers.
We have a state of the art production facilities that are fully equipped to handle waste and discharges in compliance with local Environmental Law.


Eco-Silencer+™ Acoustical Underlayment with Moisture Barrier

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    • Eco-Silencer+™ is made with 100% post consumer recycled granulated rubber tires.

      The moisture barrier film and tape strip combine to lock out moisture and allow for quick and easy installation.

      Suitable for floating laminate, engineered and hardwood flooring

      Contains Ultra-Fresh®, an antimicrobial protection that resists mold and mildew

      Crushpruf™ technology resists indentation that enables your floors to perform to its fullest potential and last a lifetime

      Provides cushioned comfort under hard laminate flooring

      Eliminates minor subfloor imperfections

      Offers the industry’s best limited lifetime warranty

      Suitable for radiant heat flooring systems

      Install Eco-Silencer+™ with film down against concrete/subfloor